1950. Dated "23.IX.50", on her 5 Rue Christine VI, Paris, stationery. 8 x 5 inches, folded horizontally once for mailing. With the original mailing envelope, with her holograph return address at upper left, postage stamp and 24 Sept. 1950, postmark, addressed in her holograph "Bill Clerk Esquire, 22 rue Barra, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Seine". Letter is in fine condition, envelope has two small ink blots at right hand margin, VG otherwise. "My dear Mr.Clerk, Your note followed me to the country where I was spending my vacation and regrettably has not been answered sooner - because on my return it was necessary to put the flat in order - to give it a belated spring cleaning. Now that has been accomplished - so will you and your friend come and have a cup of tea with me on Wednesday afternoon the twenty seventh at half past four so that you may see the pictures in daylight. Perhaps you would let me know if this suits you.The telephone number is Dan.65.06. It will be nice to meet someone whose mother is a friend of Bill Whitehead's. Cordially A.B. Toklas". The inscribee was Willard Clerk (b. Albany, NY, 1926), an American painter living in Paris who knew Peggy Guggenheim and a number of major artists at the time; he was more than a casual acquaintance (though not a close friend) of Ms Toklas. He had become very interested in primative art and its influence on Picasso, which was the main reason for his visit.

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