AN ESSAY ON DEW, and several appearances connected with it.…

AN ESSAY ON DEW, and several appearances connected with it. (Along with 10 other meterological pamphlets)

Edition: First US Edition

Philadelphia: Haswell, Barrington, and Haswell, 1838. A bound volume of 11 pamphlets, octavo, bound without covers, in recent rebinding of quarter maroon cloth and marbled boards, edges trimmed, new endpapers. Many of the pamphlets bear the ink & pencilsignatures of E. Baynes Reed in top margins, one dated 1882. Some ofthe signatures are partially cropped. Reed, of London, Ontario, was a member and officer of The Entomological Society of Ontario and was later Superintendent of the Meteorological Office in Victoria, BC when he was elected to the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in 1907. CONTAINING: GENERAL METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER for the year 1883. pp 6, (2, blank). Toronto, 1883. Findings of the magnetical observatory in Toronto, Ontario, for the year 1883. VG. ++ WELLS, William Charles. AN ESSAY ON DEW, and several appearances connected with it. Philadelphia: Haswell, Barrington, and Haswell, 1838. First US edition of this scientific classic. pp 71. Foxed, nice copy otherwise. Dr.Wells (1757-1817) was born in Charleston, South Carolina, but left America for England at the time of the revolution. He served as physician to St Thomas's Hospital, London, from 1800-17. "In 1812 he began to study dew with great patience...and in August 1814, he published his ESSAY ON DEW, called by the famous physicist JohnTyndall 'a model of wise enquiry and lucid exposition' ...His conclusions can be stated. The cooling of the earth's surface, and of the bodies that accumulate dew, is the result of radiation to space. This radiation is always going on, but can be largely interrupted by clouds; and in the daytime it is overbalanced by the radiation to the earth from the sun. Wells had an extremely clear of what is now called the radiation balance of the atmosphere ..." W.E.K. Middleton, A History of the Theories of Rain, pp 188-91. "For this important work, Wells was awarded the Rumford Medal of the Royal Society. His researches on the subject were of major importance in the development of the science of ventilation, particularly in its relation to relative humidity and the influence of the latter on the comfort of the occupants of factories, ships, theatres, etc..." - Garrison-Morton 1604. ++ H.W. "On the Law of Storms". Article VIII. [from Poggendorf'sANNALEN DER PHYSIK UND CHEMIE, 1841]. No place, no date (late 19thcentury?). pp 197-220. Illustrated. Fine. HeinrichWilhelm Dove (1803-79) was an important meteorologist whose DASGESETZ DER STURME was published Berlin, 1861, and London, 1862, as THE LAW OF STORMS. ++ SHORTMEMOIRS ON METEOROLOGICAL SUBJECTS. Translated by Cleveland Abbe.Reprinted from the Smithsonian Report for 1877. Washington: GPO, 1878. pp (375)-478. Fine. Contains 11 papers by Hann, Sohncke, Reye, Ferrel, Colding, & Peslin. ++ ANNUAL REPORT OF THE CHIEF SIGNAL OFFICER OF THE ARMY TO THE SECRETARY OF WAR FOR THE YEAR 1884. Washington City, 1884. pp 30. Fine. Includes short report on Arctic expeditions of Lts. Ray and Greely. ++ BAILEY, William O. REPORT OF THE MICHIGAN FOREST FIRES OF 1881, Washington: Office of the Chief Signal Officer, 1882. Signal Service Notes no. 1. pp 16 + folding map of the burnt districts in the "thumb" of Michigan at the juncture of Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron, plus 5 diagram maps of the damage at 5 locations. ++ WALDO, Leonard. FIRST ANNUAL REPORT OF THE ASTRONOMER IN CHARGE OF THE HOROLOGICAL AND THERMOMETRIC BUREAUS OF THE WINCHESTER OBSERVATORY OF YALE COLLEGE 1880-1881...New Haven Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, Printers, 1881. pp 32. With REPORT FOR THE YEAR 1882-1883 of H.A,Newton, Director, to the Board of Managers of the Observatory in Yale College...pp 6. VG. ++ WALDO. THIRD ANNUAL REPORT OF THE ASTRONOMER IN CHARGE OF THE HOROLOGICALAND THERMOMETRIC BUREAUS IN THE OBSERVATORY OF YALE COLLEGE1882-1883...New Haven Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, Printers, 1883. pp (7)-20. VG. ++ WALDO.SECOND ANNUAL REPORT OF THE the observatory of Yale College 1882-1883. New Haven: Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, Printers, 1883. pp (7)-20. VG.++ DIRECTIONS FOR METEOROLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS, and the registry of periodical phenomena. Washington: GPO, 1872. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections 148. pp (ii), 70, including Index. Illustrated, including Green's Standard Barometer. Fine. ++ BELL, Robert. THE GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION OF THE FOREST TREES OF CANADA (From the report of the survey for 1880). Montreal: Gazette Printing Company, 1882. pp 21. Margins trimmed too close, affecting some of the printed margin notes, nice otherwise.

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