MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS AND TREATISES by Rev: W. Iago. B.A. LS.S.A. Blight. F.S.A. Worth. &c.&c. On Cornwall.Devon.&c. [printed on first leaf]

England: Various, 1840-72. Bound volume of 16 pamphets, reprints, offprints, and extracts pertaining to English, especially Cornish, antiquities. 19th century half calf and marbled boards, spine ruled and lettered in gilt "Cornwall". Cracked inner hinges neatly repaired, small skinned spot to lower inner corner of front cover, VG otherwise. Inside front cover is the ink ownership inscription "William Iago B.A. Bodmin", beneath which is a pencil list of the contents. Attached by one side to the rear pastedown are nine 8.5 x 5.5 inch folded and stitched sheets headed "Extracts from 'Woolhope Naturalists Field Club.' 1870", closely written in ink on both sides. "Frederick William Pearce Jago (fl. 1838-1892) was a scholar best known for his work The Ancient Language and the Dialect of Cornwall, originally published 1882 by Netherton and Worth of Truro. He also published a Cornish dictionary in 1887. He settled at Bodmin in 1843 where he practised medicine." - Wikipedia. CONTENTS: 1. IAGO, Rev. W. MYLOR CHURCH; its crosses, frescoes, &c. Reprinted from Number XI of the Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, 1870. 12 pp + 3 lithographs containing 9 images by the author. Original ink drawing on verso of first plate showing what a partially surviving image originally would have looked like. 2. IAGO. ON THE ST. CHRISTOPHER WALL PAINTINGS, at Ludgvan, Mylor, &c. By the Rev. W. Iago, B.A., Westheath, Bodmin, (L.S. of the Society of Antiquaries, London). Reprinted from Number XIII of the Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, 1872. Netherton, Printer, Truro. Pp 7 + 2 lithos (at least one by the author). Tipped in is a small leaf of reproductions of inscriptions. Jago's small pencil notes at end. 3. IAGO. ON THE SUPPOSED "SAXON SLAB" AT BODMIN. Section V of an unidentified source, printed by Netherton. Pp 3-7 + woodcut illustration at front.4. IAGO. NOTES ON SOME INSCRIBED STONES IN CORNWALL- Reprinted from Number XIII of the Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, 1872. Netherton, Printer, Truro. Pp 15. Pasted in original sepia photo of the author at front + one litho; a few illustrations in text, all by Jago. 5. Royal Institution of Cornwall. THE PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS, May 10, 1861 (pp 5-19) + Appendix I, An Account of an ancient inscribed Stone found at Fardel, near Icybridge, in Devon. By E. Smirke, Esq., Vice-Warden of the Stanneries (pp 20-33) + 2 lithos + Appendix II. On some interesting Minerals recently found in a few of the Cornish Mines. By Mr. R. Pearce, Lecturer, &c, Mining School. (pp 34-36) + Appendix III. On the Cell Growth of Timber in reference to the Thinning of Plantations. By J.S. Enys, Esq., F.G.S. (pp 37-39) + Appendix IV. Ornithological Occurrences in Cornwall, for the years 1860-61. By E. Hearle Rodd (pp 40-45) + Appendix V. Cave Dwellings. By S.R. Pattison, F.G.S. (pp 46-47) + Appendix VI. On the Bee-hive Cave at Chapel Euny, and the longitudinal Cave at Chyoyster. By Richard Edmonds (pp 48-60).. 6. HENWOOD, William Jory. F.R.S. ; F.G.S. ; Member of the Geological Society of France; Sometime Her Majesty's Assay-Master of Tin in the Duchy of Cornwall; President of the Institution. With W.J. Henwood's Respects. ADDRESS DELIVERED AT THE SPRING MEETING OF THE ROYAL INSTITUTION OF CORNWALL; on the 23rd of May, 1871. Truro: Printed by James R. Netherton, 1871. For private circulation only. Pp (2), 65. Several tables in text. Inscribed at head of title page "The Reverend William Iago, B.A., &c, &c. &c. " Jago's pencil note indicates this is Henwood's hand. 7. (Report, Royal Institution of Cornwall, 1840) (From author's pencil notes, no printed title). Pp 9-35 + Appendix I, Notes relating to the Dominican Friary, in Kenwyn Street, and to St. Mary's Church, Truro, by Mr. Spry. Read July 3rd, 1840. (pp 40-55) + II. Remarks on some tide observations by the British Association, by Mr. Richard Thomas, Civil Engineer, read 3rd July, 1840. (pp 55-60). III. Some account of the opening of a Barrow near Newquay, with a few remarks on Urn burial, by the Rev. Canon Rogers, read 7th Aug., 1840. (pp 60-63). IV. An account of a British Sepulchral Urn, discovered in the neighbourhood of Place, by J.T. Treffry, Esq., read Nov. 6th, 1840. (pp 63-67). V. Some remarks on the Diseases of Miners, by Dr. C. Barham, read 6th Nov., 1840. (pp 67-73). VI. An account of some of the rarer British birds found in the County of Cornwall, by Edward Hearle Rodd, Esq., Penzance, read Nov. 6th, 1840. (pp 73-76). VII. An account of some specimens of Auriferous Pyrites which ahd been analysed and found to contain an unusual and extraordinary proportion of gold, by S. Moyle, Esq., read 6th Nov., 1840. (pp 76-77). VIII. Mining School. 1840. (pp 77-82). Submitted by Charles Lemon. Meteorology, 1840. (pp 83-87) + 2 tables (one folding). Premiums (p 88). Presented in Entomologty and Antiquities. 8. LIST OF ANTIQUITIES IN THE HUNDREDS OF KIRRIER AND PENWITH, WEST CORNWALL; with references to the works in which they are described and figured. Truro: Printed for the Royal Institution of Cornwall, by James R. Netherton…, 1862. Arranged, with an Illustrated Appendix, by J.T. Blight. Pp 39 + 3 lithos at front; wood engravings in text. Some pencil notes. 9. WORTH. R.N. THE THREE TOWNS BIBLIOTHECA: a catalogue of books, pamphlets, papers, etc. written by natives thereof; published therein; or related thereto; with brief biographical notices of the principal authors. Pp 122. Inserted printed slip at front indicates that this is a reprint from the Transactions of the Plymouth Institution. "With the author's complts" in ink in top margin of title page. Indexed. 10. BATE, C. Spence, F.R.S. ON THE PREHISTORICL ANTIQUITIES OF DARTMOOR. (Read at Bideford, August, 1871). (Reprinted from the Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature, and Art. 1871.) "From the author" in ink in top margin. Pp (26) + 21 figures on 6 lithos. + ON THE CLITTER OF THE TORS OF DARTMOOR . (Read at Bideford, August, 1871). (Reprinted from the Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature, and Art. 1871.) (pp 3). 11. STANLEY, William Own, M.P., F.R.S. THE CHAMBERED TUMULUS IN PLAS NEWYDD PARK, ANGLESEY. The Archaeological Journal. June, 1871. Pp (83)-(120). 9 full page and some vignette illustrations in pagination. 12. WATKIN, W. Thompson. ON THE TENTH ITER OF THE BRITISH PORTION OF THE ITINERARY OF ANTONINUS AND SOME OF THE NOTITIA STATIONS IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND. [Archaeological Journal, Vol. XXVIII, Sept. 1871. Pp (109)-132 + folding plan at front + NOTES ON SOME MEDIAEVAL METHODS OF DEPOSITING DOCUMENTS by Joseph Burtt, Assistant Keeper of the Public Records. Pp (133)-143. Illustrated. + SUPPLEMENTARY NOTICES OF RELICS RECENTLY OBTAINED by the Hon. William Owen Stanley, in his researches in Holyhead Island. Pp (144)-154 + 3 plates. + FONT OF THE TWELFTH CENTURY AT THE "HERMITAGE OF HONDESACRE," STAFFORDSHIRE. By J. Hewitt. Pp (154)-58 + one plate. + ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS. Herbert Charters, Probably Relating to Herefordshire, of the Reign of Edward I. Pp (159)-160 + PROCEEDINGS AT MEETINGS OF THE ROYAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE. December 2, 1870. Pp (161)-176 + ADDRESS TO THE HISTORICAL SECTION OF THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE INSTITUTE HELD AT CARDIFF by Edward A. Freeman. The Archaelogical Journal. September, 1871. Pp (177)-195 + THE BLOCK OF TIN DREDGED UP IN FALMOUTH HARBOUR, AND NOW IN THE TRURO MUSEUM. By Major-General Sir Henry James, F.R.S...pp (196)-202 + 2 tinted lithos of St. Michael's Mount (France) and one tinted litho of a horse + NOTICES OF EARLY HELMETS PRESERVED IN THE ARMOURY AT PARHAM PARK, SUSSEX by the Lord Rouche. Pp (203)-209 + 12 figures of helmets on 6 plates. + ON THE TRUE NATURE OF THE CONTORNIATE MEDALS by C. W. King. Pp (210)-218 + EXCAVATIONS IN ROME DURING THE WINTER OF 1870-71. Pp (219)-31 + Original Documents. INVENTORY OF GOODS BELONGING TO A WARDEN OF NEW COLLEGE, OXFORD, A.D. 1396. Commissioned by Henry Thomas Riley, Esq. Pp (232)-34 + PROCEEDINGS OF MEETINGS OF THE ROYAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE. April 14, 1871. Pp (237)-255 + balance sheet. Two illustrations in text. + ROMAN EXPLORATION FUND. Suggestions for Explorations and Excavations in 1872. Pp 4. 13. NICHOLS, John Gough, editor. THE HERALD AND GENEALOGIST. 36 pp, irregularly numbered, of ads and extracts, including a long review of Maclean's History of Bodmin. 14. The Camden Society for the Publication of Early Historical and Literary Remains. 1872. 4 pp advertisement. 15. LIST OF THE SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON on the 23 April, 1872. Pp (24). Publications and members. 16. ON A CHANNOGUE, OR STOCKADED ISLAND, IN LLANGORSE LAKE, NEAR BRECON. By E.N. Dumbleton. Pp (192)-98. + folding plan with laid in compliments of the author slip. Publisher and date not given. Numerous pencil notes. Laid in at rear is a clipping on lake dwellings and pasted in is a clipping about two concerts by the Bodmin Philharmonic Society in 1872, written by Iago as Hon. Sec. In ink at top of rear blank are two notes: 14 June, 1872, L.P. sprained her ankle and 20 Sept., 1875, he married her. Note: 1.5 kg parcel, extra postage will be required.

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