Human Parasitology, Third Edition by Bogitsh, Burton J.; Oeltmann, Thomas…

Human Parasitology, Third Edition

Boston: Elsevier Academic Press, 2005. Quarto, glossy boards. pp xxii, 459. Photos, illustrations, index. Fine copy. Summary: Symbiosis and Parasitism Parasite-Host Interactions General Characteristics of the Protozoa Visceral Protozoa I: Amoebae and Ciliates Visceral Protozoa II: Flagellates Blood and Tissue Protozoa I: Hemoflagellates Blood and Tissue Protozoa II: Human Malaria Genearal Characteristics of the Trematoda Visceral Flukes Blood Flukes General Characteristics of the Cestoidea Intestinal Tapeworms Extraintestinal Tapeworms General Characteristics of the Nematoda Intestinal Nematodes Blood and Tissue Nematodes Arthropods as Vectors. 1.5 kg parcel 0120884682

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