WINNING THE RADAR WAR: a memoir by NISSEN, Jack, with…

WINNING THE RADAR WAR: a memoir by NISSEN, Jack, with A.W. Cockerill


Edition: First printing

Blue boards. pp 224 + plates; index. Fine in fine jacket. "Jack Nissen, a young Cockney with a genius for electronics was recruited by the British Air Ministry to work on the even newer development of radar technology. This is the suspense-filled story of the experiments, the inventive breakthroughs, the electronic eavesdropping, and the sheer good luck that sometimes determined the outcome. In 1942 Nissen volunteered for the dangerous commando mission to obtain German radar equipment at Dieppe so the British could determine how to jam it in preparation for the huge invasion being planned. Because of the invaluable knowledge he carried, he was assigned a bodyguard - South Sakatchewan Rifles - who had orders to kill him if he fell into enemy hands. Nissen and one Canadian were the only survivors of this special group."

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