Selling Your Books

I buy books, but very selectively. Broadly speaking, I want books that are somewhat uncommon to rare in the marketplace which at the same time have enough importance to be worth a small to a large premium. I do not want cheap used books worth only a few dollars for-budget conscious readers. I don’t want paperbacks except when they are collectible. I don’t buy textbooks, and seldom any books in bad condition. I buy few magazines. Quite recent books published in in the last couple of decades are not wanted so much. Good subjects for me are scholarly philosophy, some literary first editions, Canadian local histories, pre-WWI travel and exploration (especially to more remote parts of the world), military regimental histories, important science, important Canadiana including literary Canadiana (my prime specialty), books on East Asia, older books pre-1900, and much more. I also buy some paper ephemera and some photographs. I will pay well for things I want, but the harsh truth is I don’t want most things. It is very difficult to generalize very much – there are exceptions to almost everything. If you want to send me a list of books you wish to sell, then author, title, publisher (important), and publication date (usually at the bottom of the front of the title page, not necessarily the same thing as the copyright date on the back of the title page) are the main things I need to know. A lot more detail is not needed at first look. With that information, I should be able to ask more questions about items that seem to be of interest to me, and quickly rule out those which are not. When in doubt – go ahead and offer me.